Crane Simulator


CTS is proud to be the only training facility in the Northeast that has the Manitowoc Lattice Boom Crawler and RT Simulator including Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS). This tool will be a great asset to our students and the professional operators we work with daily.

Learn the industry’s most intuitive crane control system with the help of the most advanced simulator. Built on the industry-leading Vortex® Advantage simulator platform by CM Labs Simulations, the new Manitowoc CCS Simulator enables crane operators to master all crane functions while immersed in highly accurate jobsite visuals — for an incredibly real experience.



The new simulator will allow crane operators to master the Manitowoc CCS to gain greater jobsite productivity.

Progressive training exercises prepare crane operators from beginners to experienced, gradually growing the student’s skill and confidence. Through an immersive experience, trainees learn the fundamentals of load charts, complex lifts, selecting and using different parts of line and more.

Immersive Displays

With leading worksite visuals, the view from the cab matches the view from the seat of the actual equipment. Three 55-inch high- definition LCD displays optimize trainee engagement.

Built Tough

With rugged high-quality steel frame and parts, the Manitowoc CCS Simulator is built tough for the demands of a busy classroom.

Professional-grade Controls

The Manitowoc simulator is customizable for all CCS technologies through the use of swappable control pods that don’t require shutting down the simulator to change control sets or pedals.


For full trainee immersion, the optional motion platform replicates the motion and vibration experienced while traveling and lifting.

Operator Touch Screen

The touch screen makes it easy for the student to log in and switch between training exercises.

Streamlined Design

Rugged industrial PCs are shock-mounted inside the Manitowoc CCS Simulator for 1- and 3- display options. This minimizes the simulator footprint, and with no visible cables, creates the industry’s only tamper-proof, “plug and play” training solution.